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Welcome to os2warp.be, the leading web site dedicated to OS/2, eComStation and hardware. os2warp.be is an independent project, part of OS/2 Consortium Europe, and has agreements with other web sites and companies to assure the best, most up-to-date and accurate information. This web site hosts a diversity of projects, mainly focused on the newest hardware technologies. With members, contributors and webmasters spread over the globe, combined with automated web management tools, updates are being made on daily basis to provide the visitor with the very latest information. Some of our projects: an extensive hardware list of both older and newer certified compatible hardware, information about Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices, modems, scanners, PCI-X technologies, sound cards, et cetera. Including both Corporate and Individual Support Services, os2warp.be is a complete solution for everyone involved with the OS/2 platform family!

This web site is the result of a continuous effort of a lot of people. Experienced people that love OS/2 and eComStation, and that are motivated to share their knowledge with others. Below you will find a short introduction with the different people who are involved in the development of this site:

  1. os2warp.be
  2. Contributors
  3. Sponsors
  4. Partners
  5. Vision
  6. Site Viewing

1. os2warp.be

os2warp.be Management - General Enquiries
os2warp.be Corporate Support Services*
os2warp.be IT Business Solutions
*: e-Mail provided only for corporate enquiries.

2. Contributors

2.1. os2warp.be members

Name Jonas Buys
Function Webmaster, Projects coordinator, OS/2 CHL and os2warp.be Support Services coordinator, Public Relations, General Content
Name Doug Bissett
Function OS/2 and eCS Modems Section Maintainer
Name Vlad Stelmahovsky
Function Support for UniAud, os2warp.be/uniaud
Name Martin Iturbide
Function os2warp.be/usb

Other os2warp.be team members:

Nobuaki Kaho Gomi NDIS MAC Device Drivers for OS/2 and eCS
Daniela Engert Daniela's Enhanced Drivers Section
Goran Ivankovic TAME/2 Scanners Project
Klaus Staedtler TAME/2 Scanners Project
Franz Bakan gOCR, ClaraOCR, SANE, X-SANE
Willibald Meyer GenMAC MyWi General MAC Networking driver
Chuck McKinnis OS/2 NICPAK Project
Vitaliy Tymchyshyn Win32Prn Project
Roderick Klein Win32Prn Project
Michael J. Snadaker OS/2 Soundcard Matrix

All of these people can be contacted via the Contact Page. Telephone numbers are only provided for Corporate Support with os2warp.be Support Services Business Contracts.

2.2. Other third-party contributors

Oliver Rick Cooperation WarpUpdates International
Sjoerd Visser Information from his website
OS/2.cz OS/2 e-cards and wallpapers

3. Sponsors

This web site is sponsored by F/X Communications.

F/X Communications was founded in 1996 by Bjarne Jensen, an innovative networking specialist with profound experience from some of the largest public networks in Europe. The initial focus of F/X was to create Internet dial-up software, capable of delivering reliable connections, Internet sharing, automatic dialing and many other business features. The result of this work became known as the InJoy Internet Dialer. With the introduction of an integrated, platform-independent software architecture and unique next generation Firewall Protection, F/X has earned a preeminent role in the communications industry. Today, F/X Communications is the only company in the security market that offers a total end-to-end software solution that combines gateway support, virtual private networking, next generation intrusion prevention, vulnerability management, access control, web filtering, e-mail protection, anti-virus and remote management technologies with cross platform interoperable support for both Windows, Linux and OS/2.

4. Partners

os2warp.be is actively working closely together with the following web sites so to continue and offer the most up-to-date and accurate information. We are constantly trying to partner up with more websites to strengthen our position and to expand our ongoing projects.

Contact Person

Adrian Gschwend




Niels Dillen

5. Vision

OS/2 Warp is a great operating system. After all those years of IBM neglect, it still is. In fact, OS/2 is IBM's flag ship, IBM's masterpiece. But it's heading towards the far distant horizon, and once passed that horizon, pirates will come and attack it. IBM, being the captain, has already decided not to defend itself. The captain is just agreeing that the ship will go down.
That's what IBM thinks of it, despite the fact that there are more OS/2 and eComStation users than IBM even dares to believe. We believe there is still a place for OS/2 today. OS/2 offers a solid, fast, reliable base for a very diverse set of applications. A new and exciting project has been launched by Serenity Systems International and Mensys; those guys are as motivated as us to paint the OS/2-ship again. Though a very challenging project, since we always try to be objective as possible, critics towards eCS, SSI/Mensys will never be avoidable.
Nevertheless, there has always been a lack of information of OS/2-related subjects. Especially with hardware; that's why we developed this site: to fill that gap in the OS/2 community. OS/2 offers broad support for an enormous amount of devices, and even non-IBM hardware, but people just aren't aware of that. This site will point you to hardware that will work on OS/2, both older and modern hardware.

The information offered via this web site is mainly targeted for IBM OS/2 Warp V4 or higher and eComStation. However, most of the information will also be applicable to older OS/2 versions, including WorkSpace On-Demand.

6. Site viewing

This site is best viewed with IBM WebBrowser 2.0.1, Mozilla 1.2, Opera 7.10 or higher at a screen resolution of 1024:768.

This web site (os2warp.be) is a private initiative that is not connected to the Belgian Federal Government at all. Should you visit this web site because you think it contains information provided by the Belgian Government, then please stop your visit to this site immediately.

Copyright Information

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