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OS/2 and USB Web Site: How to Install Iomega HDD 120GB USB 2.0/FireWire External Desktop Hard Drive.
Listing of tested and reported USB devices

By Roberto Gainza

I finally found a way to use the Iomega 120GB HDD USD drive under OS/2. But with two HPFS partitions. There had been many weird things and problems in the process, but now it seems that works ok. Now I dont like formatting nothing with FAT32.
Let's continue with the process.
First you need to install the USB Basic support driver from IBM or from eCS (its the same). Them you will need to have some config.sys parameter similar to this one:


Download the un-official USB Storage driver from this page: http://cyberia.dnsalias.com/Gfd.Sys.Misc.Htm. Check for the file called CW-USB12.ZIP.
Unpack this file and copy the CWusbmsd.* files into C:\OS2\BOOT. Modify the Config.sys renaming the line:


and adding this line. (put it as is, don't add anything else)


Restart the OS/2 system and that's it.
With this driver the LVM.exe will not work and it is possible that some little 64MB and 128MB USB key, will be un-usable also. But you can always change back the config.sys and restart the system.
Since LVM.exe stopped working I started to use DFSee, which allows me to see the USB HDD partition , etc. I was unable to create a single partition and format it with JFS, because I can not use the LVM. It should work with two HPFS partition, but I don't know why I had to create a third partition on the disc as small as I can to be able to format and work with the other bigger partition of the HDD.

Some Questions?

  1. I guess that you are using two partition because HPFS has a limitation of 64GB, is that right ?
  2. But, is the USB HDD an encapsulated IDE with an USB Interface or pure USB?
    Pure USB
  3. Is there a Part Number or where can I get more info on the Device?
    Iomega® HDD 120GB USB 2.0/FireWire External Desktop Hard Drive http://www.iomega.com/direct/...


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