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OS/2 and USB Web Site.
Listing of tested and reported USB devices

Welcome to the OS/2 and USB web site. This part of os2warp.be is a joint venture between Martin Iturbide's initial OS/2 and USB Web Site, Chris Wohlgemuth and os2warp.be.

Date Announcement
2007-11-08Updates on the OS/2 & USB site.

Hi. I took me a long time but I had updated the OS/2 and USB site: Here are the new deviced reported.
  • Kingston 6 in 1 reader FCR-HS26/1
  • Hama CardReaderWriter USB 2.0 00039738
  • HAMA USB 2.0 Card Reader 19in1 (PN:0055114)
  • SanDisk Cruzer Micro 256MB
  • Sandisk cruzer Micro Skin USB Flash Drive 512MB
  • Quatech SSU2-100 USB-RS232-Adapter
  • Targus Numeric Keypad with 2 USB ports P/N:PAUK10U
  • Logitech LX710 Wireless Keyboard/laser mouse combo If you want to report any other USB deviced working on OS/2 and eComStation please submit it with the following page. http://www.os2warp.be/index2.php?name=feedbackusbsite Thanks
  • 2006-07-02More Updates to the Site

    There had been some updated on the site.

    - FujiFilm FinePix A500 5.1MP Digital Camera
    - Nikon CoolPix 7900SE

    - FujiFilm DPC-23in1 Card Reader
    - CnMemory USB 2.0 Silver Pearl MicroX (128MB-1024MB) Memory Flash

    - Linksys Compact USB 4-Port Hub

    - MPIO PD100 MP3 Player

    - BROTHER HL-2030 Laser Printer

    Everybody is welcome to send me more reports about the USB devices working under OS/2 and eCS.
    Just use this form:
    2006-01-30More USB Devices Updated

    There had been some updated on the site.

    - Canon Powershot A70 (updated)
    - Konica Minolta DiMAGE A200

    - SG362A USB 2.0 Card Driver (For SD/MMC)
    - Typhoon USB 2.0 16-in-1 Card Reader (updated)
    - TrekStor DataStation y.uh 300GB USB 2.0
    - Cliptec R/W driver USB2.0 to IDE adapter

    - NOKIA 6230i

    Sorry for taking so long.
    2005-04-24More Updates and the First Tablet Device !!!


    This are the updated of this month.

    Mouse / Keyboard / Imput Device
    - Wacom Volito

    - Konica Minolta Dimage A200
    - Casio Exilim EX-Z55
    - Konica KD-510Z
    - Revue DC 3330, OEM-Product from: Ability Enterprise (TW)

    - TYPHOON USB 2.0 16-in-1 CARD READER
    - Kingmax 256MB USB 2.0 Flash Pen Drive, Model KFD-256MO2
    - Atech Pro-9 Multi Card Reader
    - Lexar Multicard reader
    - HAMA USB 2.0 Card Reader 9in1 (PN:47100)

    - Brother HL-5040

    - Creative MUVO TX FM 256MB
    - MPMan FUB27 1Gb flash Mp3 Player + FM Radio
    - X4-TECH BOGIEMAN II MP3 Flash Player 1GB
    - AVerMedia USB Radio, Model MR-800
    - Mediaforte RadioXTreme USB Radio

    - Laser 4 port PCI USB adapter card

    As a remark of this update, we finnaly had reported the first USB Wacom Tablet Device under OS/2. I just hope to have more reports of Tablet devices. Also there had been two USB Radio devices that works with CoolFM.

    Thanks to everyone for sending me this information.

    Please keep sending the USB hardware that works under OS/2 and eCs using the site script: http://www.os2warp.be/...

    Also remember to visit the OS/2 and USB Forum on: http://www.os2world.com/...
    2005-04-06USB tablet driver updated

    The USB Driver for the Wacom IV and V Tablet had been updated. You can download them from:

    USB Driver

    Serial Driver

    Please if you want to report some USB tablet working with this driver please drop me some lines with the OS/2 and USB submition script.

    I had included the following devices to the list:

    - HP Color Laserjet 2550L printer
    - Canon pixma iP3000
    - Canon i960 printer

    - Vivanco RW 12-1 USB2
    - Noontech - BlueEye SuperSlim. Model U235
    - Philips psa128max mp3 player
    - Memorex TravelDrive 1 GB
    - Shikatronics 256 MB memory key. Shika Flash
    - Ministry of Sound STIX LITE MP3 PLayer 128Mb RAM MOSMP076
    - SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive (256 MB)
    - Lexar Jumpdrive Trio JDT-231
    - kingmaxdigi USB1.1 SD/MMC Card Reader
    - Woxter Portable Disk COMBO FireWire & USB 2.0

    - Revue DC 3330, OEM-Product from: Ability Enterprise (TW)
    - Canon Powershot G6
    - Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20
    - Olympus C-370
    - Panasonic PV-DV2020-K

    - Mint Kontroler PCI USB 2.0 4+1 port (NEC D720101GJ chip)
    - SiteCom USB 2.0 PCI card CN-029 (VIA vt6212 chip)
    - SiteCom USB 1.1 PCI card CN-008 (OPTi 82C861 chip)
    - Mentor 6 port USB2.0 PCI Host Adapter

    - Monster Gecko Pistol Mouse

    Thanks to everybody that keeps sending me the reports of USB devicer working on OS/2 and eCS.
    2004-12-25OS/2 and USB Update

    Well, today I had included several devices that works fine with OS/2 and eComStation.

    Here it is the list of the added/updated devices:


    - Olympus C-8080, 8.0
    - Olympus Stylus 410 Digital Camera
    - Canon Digital IXUS 400
    - Fujifilm FinePix S5000 "UPDATED"
    - Canon PowerShot A70
    - Konica Minolta Dimage G500


    - Canon BJC-3000
    - Epson R300M printer "UPDATED"
    - Kyocera-Mita FS-1010 Monochrome Laser Printer


    - ASTONE USB 2.0 128MB Flash Drive
    - Dane Elec Photomate 6 in 1 USB cardreader
    - Horizon / FlashMover 8 in 1 cardreader
    - Lexar media CF reader USB005
    - Sandisk Cruzer mini USB Flash "UPDATED"
    - SanDisk 8 in 1 Reader/Writer Model No. SDDR-88
    - Bona Computech USB 2.0 External 2.5" USB 2.0 Enclosure MENTOR ME250U2

    - ACER MP3+Radio Flash Stick 256MB
    - RCA Lyra MP3 player 1021a

    - VScom USB 2.0 4-Port PCI Card [VIA VT6212]

    - Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical M-BJ58 "UPDATED"
    - IBM Ultranav Keyboard

    Thanks again for keep sending me information about the USB device Drivers that works under OS/2 - eCS.

    Remember if you have an USB device that is working under OS/2 - eCS just send me the information using this script. Martin Iturbide
    2004-09-28USB Basic Device Driver Updated

    IBM released a new USB driver for OS/2 Software Choice subscribers.


    The OS/2 Loader Support package is a prerequisite for this support.


    Download (requires subscription):

    2004-07-14Wacom USB tablet driver updated to version 0.0.7

    The Wacom USB tablet driver had been updated:


    Direct Download

    Please if you want to report some USB tablet working with this driver please drop me some lines with the OS/2 and USB submition script.
    2004-06-30USB Driver Updated

    IBM had update the USB Basis Driver for OS/2 (30/jun/2004).

    You need and software choice subscription to download it:
    2004-06-30OS/2 Quatech USB to Serial Driver Package

    Get it at:


    The OS/2 Quatech USB to Serial Driver Package (USBQSER.EXE) provides support for USB to Serial Adapters manufactured by Quatech, Inc. on the OS/2 Operating System. The supported Quatech adapters are the:

    * SSU-100 (1-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter)
    * DSU-100 (2-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter)
    * QSU-100 (4-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter)
    * ESU-100 (8-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter)
    * HSU-100 (16-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter)

    Quatech USB to RS-232 serial adapters are easily configured to enable the continued use of legacy devices without making any changes to the applications written for them. The adapters enumerate themselves as standard COM ports making the USB interface completely transparent to software.
    2004-06-12More Updates

    Well, It took longer this time to update the page but its worthy. Here are all the new stuff on this pages:

    - Olympus MAUSB-100 xD USB-R/W
    - Integral USB 2.0 Flash Drive (512MB)
    - Genesys Logic, Inc 6-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader
    - Mitsumi 7-in-1 Media Drive
    - PNY Attaché 512MB USB 2.0 (91004275)
    - Hama 8 in 1 Card Reader (46945)
    - Tevion Card Reader/Writer 6 in 1
    - BTC DVD/CDRW Combo plus card reader (BCO5216IA)

    - Logitech USB Pilot Mouse Optical
    - Logitech MX500 mouse

    - Aiptek International pocket Cam 3 Mega camera
    - Sanyo Xacti VPC-J1EX
    - Nikon D-70 SLR

    - Epson USB R300M photo printer

    Thanks to everyone, and keep sending me reports about the USB hardware that runs under OS/2 and eCS.
    2004-05-20USB Tablet Driver

    The USB Tablet Driver for OS/2 had been updated.
    Get it at:

    Http: //www.1drop.net/w/W2_004.zip

    [Moderators Notes: Since I don't know Japanese and I don't have an USB tablet I don't know much information about it. If you have a device that works please report it to me]

    Source: OS2.jp
    2004-04-25Updates on the USB Site

    The following items had been added:
    • 3M Ergonomic Mouse
    • Kanguru MicroDrive Plus 512MB
    • Olympus C5000 Zoom Digital Camera
    • LITE-ON External USB 2.0 CD-RW Drive LXR - 40243A
    • SanDisk ImageMate USB 2.0 Reader/Writer
    2004-04-03New USB drivers on IBM DDPakOnline

    From: "Mark Dodel"

    USB Basic Device Support Package (OHCI/UHCI/EHCI)
    Last Updated on: 04/01/2004 10:20 AM
    Download: http://service.software.ibm.com/swchoice/os2dd/usbbasic.exe

    "The USB Basic Device Support Package provides the basic OS/2 support required for USB devices that meets the USB 1.0 OHCI, USB 1.1 UHCI, or USB 2.0 EHCI specifications.

    This package is a prerequisite for all other OS/2 USB device drivers and must be installed first.

    The most current version of this device driver package is part of the IBM Software Choice offerings."

    USB Mass Storage Support Package
    Last Updated on: 04/01/2004 10:18 AM
    Download: http://service.software.ibm.com/swchoice/os2dd/usbmsd.exe

    "The USB Mass Storage Device Driver provides OS/2 support for USB mass storage devices that meet the USB 1.0 or USB 1.1 specification and the USB Mass Storage 1.0 specification. Examples of supported USB mass storage devices include diskette drives, Zip drives, CD-ROM drives, LS-120 drives, and flash memory keys.

    The USB Basic Device Support Package is a prerequisite for this device driver.

    If Base Device Driver FixPak 3 has not been installed, the Enhanced IDE DASD and CDROM Support package must be installed.

    The most current version of this device driver package is part of the IBM Software Choice offerings."
    2004-02-27More stuff Added

    The following devices had been added:
    • BioStar Flash Card Reader 6in1 intern
    • DeLock Hi-Speed USB Flash Disk 128 Mb
    • Transcend JetFlash USB 2.0
    • Pentax 330GS
    • Konica Minolta Dimage Z1
    • Canon i850 Photo Printer
    Thanks to everyone for testing stuffunder OS/2, keep sending me USB devices that works under OS/2.
    2004-02-22Printers Updated

    I took some time to load the pictures of the USB printers supported under OS/2.

    Keep sending me more Printers !!!
    2004-02-15OS/2 and USB Site Merged !!

    The OS/2 and USB finally merged with the OS/2 CHL. Now all the new USB hardware will be directly updated to this pages.

    There had also been some updates:

    - Epson Stylus C84
    - Epson Stylus Color 680
    - Panasonic KX-P7105

    - Lexar Media Jump Drive 128MB
    - Sandisk Mini Cruzer 256MB USB flash drive
    - SanDisk Cruzer Mini USB Flash Drive (128 mb)

    - D-link 4 Ports USB Hub

    - Fujifilm s5000 SLR digital
    - Canon PowerShot S30
    - Canon PowerShot S50

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback.

    Keep sending the USB stuff that works under OS/2.
    Now use the "Report Compatible Hardware" Form to send me more devices.
    2004-01-13New USB devices added.

    os2warp.be hardware testing team has tested some new USB keyboards and mice.
    2004-01-11New USB Storage devices.

    os2warp.be hardware testing team has tested 8 new USB MSD devices and we've added them to the USB Storage devices. Includes devices from Acomdata, PNY and Sony.
    2003-12-25Happy Holiday

    There are some small updates on the site. The following devices have been added:
    Brother HL-5050

    Epson Perfection 3200

    Olympus C-740 Ultra Zoom
    EMPREX DSC 2200V
    Olympus Camedia C-120 Digital Camera
    Minolta Dimage X20

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback and Merry Christmas!
    2003-10-21New USB scanner drivers

    Thanks to Maeda Haruyuki we now lots of supported but untestet OS/2 USB scanner drivers.
    If anybody has one of the following USB scanners please se me a mail (staedtler-przyborskiDESPAM@web.de (Remove the "DESPAM" word)
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 310U 0x04a5 0x1a20
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 320U 0x04a5 0x2022
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 620U / 620UT 0x04a5 0x1a2a 0x04a5 0x2040
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 640U 0x04a5 0x2060
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 640BU 0x04a5 0x207e
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 1240U 0x04a5 0x20c0
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 3300 / 4300 0x04a5 0x20b0
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 4300 0x04a5 0x20de
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 5000 0x04a5 0x20fc
    Benq/Acer/Vuego 5300 0x04a5 0x20fe

    Agfa 1236U 0x06bd 0x0002
    Agfa 1212U 0x06bd 0x0001 0x06bd 0x2061
    Agfa Snapscan e10 0x06bd 0x2093
    Agfa Snapscan e20 0x06bd 0x2091
    Agfa Snapscan e25 0x06bd 0x2095
    Agfa Snapscan e26 0x06bd 0x2097
    Agfa Snapscan e40 0x06bd 0x208d
    Agfa Snapscan e42 0x06bd 0x20ff
    Agfa Snapscan e50 0x06bd 0x208f
    Agfa Snapscan e52 0x06bd 0x20fd

    Epson Perfection 660 0x04b8 0x0114

    Hewlett&Packard 0x1005, /* ScanJet 5400C Not Tested.
    Hewlett&Packard 0x1105, /* ScanJet 5470C Not Tested.

    0x101, /* Perfection 636U and 636Photo. Not tested.
    0x104, /* Perfection 1200U and 1200Photo. Not tested.
    0x106, /* Stylus Scan 2500. Not tested.
    0x107, /* Expression 1600. Not tested.
    0x10e, /* Expression 1680. Not tested.
    0x801, /* CX-5200 Not Tested.
    0x802, /* CX-3200 Not Tested.

    Thanks in advance.
    2003-10-18OS/2 and USB site updated

    Finally, after a long time I get some free time to update the site.
    As you see there had been a lot of updates, thanks to everyone to keep sending me their test reports.
    Here is the list of what had been added:

    - Zip Driver 750
    - IOMEGA 120GB USB external Hard Drive
    - Dane-Elec Z-Mate Compact Flash USB Mini Reader
    - USB external HDD case for 2,5"
    - Plextor PlexFlash USB Flash Memory 512MB
    - Muse 6 in 1 Card Reader
    - Microdia CF Card Reader

    - Traveler DC3000
    - Vivitar ViviCam V3715
    - Vivitar ViviCam V3625
    - PRAKTICA DCZ 2.0
    - Minox DC2122
    - Olympus Camedia C-720 UZ (Ultra-Zoom)
    - FujiFilm FinePix S304
    - Olympus Stylus 400
    - Pentax Optio S
    - Nikon CoolPix 5700

    - Lasat Speed II ISDN Modem

    - USB PTR; USB-1284 Printer-Adapter

    Mouse & Keyboards
    - Logitech CordLess MausMan Wheel
    - Logitech CordLess Desktop Pro

    - Nicki's-USBCamera-To-HardDisk-Thingy

    - Making the Iomega 120GB HDD USB work under OS/2
    - How to Install the USB Audio Driver
    2003-10-17IBM Updated some USB Driver

    For the ones that has Software Subcription there are some new drivers available for download:

    - OS/2 USB Basic Driver (OHCI/UHCI/EHCI) (2003-Oct-14)
    - USB Mass Storage Device Driver (2003-Oct-14)

    I'm sure that eComStation will add it to this site the registered users soon.
    2003-07-31USB Serial Support Driver

    IBM released USB Serial support for OS/2.
    Its available for registered Software Choice customers.

    It supports:

    # FTDI FT8U100AX chip asynchronous serial port 1 (Future Technology Devices International Ltd.)
    # Belkin F5U103 USB serial adapter
    # MCT USB to RS232 converter (Magic Control Technology Corp.)
    # USB Serial Converter on IBM Multi-Port USB Hub (part number 00N8216)
    # Belkin F5U103 USB Serial Adapter
    # USB Serial Adapter on Belkin F5U116 USB Multi-Port Hub
    # USB Serial Adapter on Belkin F5U120 USB DockStation
    # D-Link DU-CS/DSB-S25 USB to Serial Converter Cable
    # Belkin F5U109 USB PDA Adapter (IBM model name 10K3822

    Source: OS2.jp
    2003-07-14OS/2 and USB Site Updated

    The USB and OS/2 site had been updated.

    Changes: I changed the Sony MiniDisk Player from Storage to Multimedia Devices
    And some new devices had been added:

    # Epson Perfection 1650 USB

    # PQI Compact Flash Reader
    # AIPTEK MP3 Player
    # Kodak "6 in 1" Card Reader

    # Casio QV-3500EX
    # Olympus C-3020
    # Olympus C-5050 Zoom
    # Konica Revio KD-310Z
    # HP Photosmart 935
    # Nikon CoolPix 2100

    Thanks to everyone who keep sending me reports of USB stuff that works under OS/2 !!!!!

    Copyright Information

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