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OS/2 Warp Compatible Hardware List Web site: os2warp.be Hardware List

os2warp.be OS/2 Warp and eComStation Compatible Hardware List.
Extensive listing of OS/2 and eCS compatible hardware.
Last update: 2005/07/07.

© 2001-2004, Jonas Buys, os2warp.be

1. Introduction.

Welcome to the os2warp.be Compatible Hardware List for OS/2 and eComStation (os2warp.be CHL).  Here you will find information about which devices will run on OS/2 or eComStation, and where you can get the drivers.  This extensive listing is updated at monthly basis, ensuring the accuracy and future.
Currently, you can access the os2warp.be Compatible Hardware List in full text mode only, but we're currently developing an easy-to-use Java Applet in association with Serenity Systems International and Mensys to facilitate access.
os2warp.be is constantly striving to attain the goal of reaching a 100% accurate and complete OS/2 CHL. Prior to the inclusion of a particular hardware device in our databases, it must comply with the some severe and strict rules. In association with our business associates which have their own proper Support Departments to provide OS/2 support, each device is tested extensively by the os2warp.be CHL testing team.
The hardware included in the list was tested with OS/2 versions beginning from post-Warp3 (OS/2 Warp 4 Advanced Server) to xCP2 and eCS 1.1. Not all drivers will work with older OS/2 Warp versions.
Any information about your hardware that runs perfectly on OS/2 would be greatly valued.  Please help to maintain this list and to keep it up-to-date by filling in this feedback form.

2. Support.

Though all the hardware included in the list has been tested thoroughly, the possibility does exist that you won't be able to get the hardware device running (due to wrong IRQ assignment or wrong configuration of your system etc.).  Mind what Mr. Bob St.John of Serenity Systems Intl said:

>All devices MUST work, otherwise they're not included
>in the list. If I shouldn't use this policy, then
>this list wouldn't value anything, and I can say laud
>So you can be really sure of that!

Well ... we all need to be careful on things like this. I'm
grateful for the work Jonas is doing. But all of us have
seen something work for one user and not for another. That's why IBM's "systems testing" for supported devices or software
is so expensive. And even then, it doesn't always work
for everyone.
Just need to be careful that we don't create an impression
that something works for everyone all the time. But simply be
precise that this was tested and worked in "this
environment", then go on to describe the environment.

If things should go wrong, or if you have a question about OS/2 and hardware, you can make use of os2warp.be Technical Support Center. Unless you've got a Business Contract for os2warp.be Corporate Support, this support is in no circumstances binding.  Neither os2warp.be, nor os2warp.be Support Services, nor os2warp.be Business IT Solutions, nor Jonas Buys, nor any team member of the os2warp.be project can be held responsible for the eventual loss of data, nor possible damage to your system.

3. Copyrights.

This list is the result of an intense effort os2warp.be has put in it.  We would appreciate it if you wouldn't copy its information, nor edit it afterwards, nor re-use it on other websites.  Violating this rules, and the rules as described in the Copyrights Page will lead to severe consequences and juridical actions will be undertaken if a violation is detected.
The os2warp.be Compatible Hardware List is provided for informational purposes only and os2warp.be makes no representations and warranties, either expressed, implied, or statutory, regarding the products, manufacturers, compatibility of the products available within, or the Comptaible Hardware List. Information within the Compatible Hardware List, including products listed and compatibility data, is subject to change without notice. This program testing in no way guarantees compatibility between data, systems, or software and in no way replaces the necessity of full testing of the products listed in the Comptatible Hardware List. Actual end user compatibility may vary. The inclusion of a product or manufacturer does not imply endorsement of os2warp.be of the product or manufacturer.

4. Acknowledgements.

This list would not have been possible without the cooperation of the following companies, who assisted us and encourages us to go through:

Copyright Information

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