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Chuck McKinnis' NICPAK Page
Most recent revision: 2004/08/30

Date Announcement
2006-10-17Updated Broadcom NetXtreme driver
2006-02-17Updated Broadcom driver
Updated Realtek driver
2005-08-21Updated Broadcom driver.
Updated Intel driver.
Updated PCI scan routine.
Added modem driver for Xircom Cardbus combo card.
Corrected error in nicpak.cmd.
2005-02-25- Updated Broadcom NetXtreme driver
2005-02-09- Added Broadcom BCM4401 MAC driver
- Zipped Broadcom and Intel packages for proper installation
2004-06-09- Updated Intel Pro/100 and Pro/1000 drivers.
2003-10-06- Updated 3Com devices to indicate no driver available for gigabit chipsets
2003-09-28- Updated Intel device descriptions
- Updated Intel Pro 100 and Pro 1000 device drivers
2003-08-20- Updated Realtek device descriptions
- Updated pci.exe from Veit Kannegieser
2003-07-29- Corrected "should not occur" error in nicpak.cmd
2003-07-20- Updated Davicom driver
- Updated National Semiconductor (NSC) driver
2003-07-11- Added description for Belkin (Realtek) driver
2003-05-23- Corrected error in nicpak.cmd
2003-04-28- Updated PCI detection program
- Updated Realtek 8139 driver
- Updated VIA drivers
- Updated 3Com driver information
- Updated Intel driver information
2003-01-23- Updated Realtek 8139 driver
- Corrected old error for IBM ISA NIC detection
2002-09-22- Add Winbond W89C940 PCI Ethernet Adapter
2002-09-05- Update Intel PRO PCI adapter driver to 4.35
2002-08-24- Add Allied Telesyn AT-2500 Series (Realtek) driver
2002-07-20- Updated readme.txt in nicpak.zip (only change)
- Add Intel Gigabit driver
- Update Intel PRO PCI adapter driver
2002-06-30- Corrected all driver zip files
2002-06-14- Add National Semiconductor DP83815 10/100 MacPhyter3v PCI Adapter driver
- Update SiS 900 driver
2002-03-14- The updated RealTek 8139 driver appears to support D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100 PCI Adapter(D1)
- Update RealTek 8139 driver
2002-02-07- Missing a couple of files in nicpak.zip
2002-02-03- NICDRV.CMD is now called NICPAK.CMD
- Check PROTOCOL.INI against IBMLAN.INI if MPTS is invoked, or at the user's option if MPTS is not invoked
- Handle multiple drivers and/or copyfiles in a NIF
- Offer to invoke MPTS for updating
- Add driver for Xircom Cardbus Ethernet Adapter 10/100 (CBE-10/100BTX)
- Add driver for PCMCIA IBM 10/100 EtherJet CardBus Adapter (08L3147)
2001-11-30- Added detection for 3Com Fast EtherLink/EtherLink III Bus Master Family OS/2 (3C59X)
2001-11-22- Pulled Intel(R) PRO PCI Adapter device driver after reports of problems
2001-11-19- Updated Intel(R) PRO PCI Adapter device driver
2001-11-15- Updated description of Linksys LNE100TX versions supported by the ADMTEK chipset
2001-11-06- Updated 3Com 3C90x device driver
2001-10-26- Updated Davicom DM9 device driver
2001-10-22- Added Winbond device driver
- Started updating chipset lists to include drivers shipped with MCP and ACP
2001-10-21- Added Macronix device drivers, which may provide support for some additional Edimax cards
2001-10-20- Added a pointer to a page explaining the making of Cat 5 Ethernet cables
2001-10-19- Added the nifchk.cmd that will examine the syntax of NIF files
- Corrected an error in the Davicom NIF
- Set up a specific D-Link NIF for a DEC driver
2001-10-02- Added this change list
- Added recognition of the D-Link DFE-538TX+ Revision D1 even though no driver is available
- Updated a VIA driver, which should now accomodate the D-Link DFE-530TX+ Revisions A3 and B
2001-10-01- Removed an Intel driver that has a later version available on MCP or eCS GA
- Verified the D-Link DFE-530TX+ Revision C1 driver on my system
- Verified the Realtek 8139 Revision A, B, and C driver on my system

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