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OS/2 Warp Compatible Hardware List Web site: Get Support

1. os2warp.be Support Services Overview

Welcome to os2warp.be, the leading web site dedicated to OS/2, eComStation and hardware. os2warp.be is an independent project, part of OS/2 Consortium Europe, and has agreements with other web sites and companies to assure the best, most up-to-date and accurate information.
This web site hosts a diversity of projects, mainly focused on the newest hardware technologies. With members, contributors and webmasters spread over the globe, combined with automated web management tools, updates are being made on daily basis to provide the visitor with the very latest information.
Some of our projects: an extensive hardware list of both older and newer certified compatible hardware, information about Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices, modems, scanners, PCI-X technologies, sound cards, et cetera.
An ever increasing amount of hardware-related OS/2 projects are developed at os2warp.be, or have been moved there in order to be maintained by different persons, spread over the globe. Therefore, we now provide you with in-depth, professional technical support, all via http://www.os2warp.be/support/. By taking advantage of the advanced features our automated Support System uses, we have now an even more centrally managed web site with contributors and team members spread all over the world. Regional contact persons are available for Corporate Support, while the project developers will deal with project-specific questions, bug reports and problems. This way, you can communicate directly with the developers of device drivers, give feedback, get an answer to a question you've never had a decent answer to. And there's more! os2warp.be Technical Support Services are completely free of charge for individual purposes(i) .
There's direct support from the developers of GenMAC, Win32Prn, GOMI NDIS MAC drivers, Daniela's IDE drivers, TAME/2 and Universal Audio Driver from the respective developers and additional highly skilled OS/2 experts complete the team to provide corporate support.
Additionally, os2warp.be Corporate Support Services are backed by the eComStation Global Consultancy Network, ensuring you get the best support available for OS/2 and eComStation.
With the ever emerging importance of e-Business enablement and achieving platform neutrality, companies who have been deploying OS/2 in their networks during the last two decades often run into problems because either they can't find a good IT partner, or an abrupt migration causes intranet downtimes. os2warp.be launches its answer to this stringent problem, while both enabling companies to use existing legacy software on the newest hardware (thus eliminating an increase in TCOs(ii)), and enabling compatibility with the very latest technologies of the IT Industry.

(i) os2warp.be Technical Support Services are also available for companies or institutions under the form of os2warp.be Corporate Support Business Contract. For more information about os2warp.be Business Contracts, please read on in section 3. Support Services for individuals (further referred to as OS/2 users) are completely free of charge.
(ii) Therefore, os2warp.be IT Business Solutions propose the use of CITRIX MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Microsoft VirtualPC, Microsoft VirtualServer, Serenity Systems VirtualStation (SVISTA) or Hummingbird Exceed X11.

2. Licensing Terms and Conditions

In the interest of providing the most accurate and efficient service possible, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the following contingencies (the following terms and conditions apply only to the os2warp.be Support Sections):

2.1. Terms and conditions the user must agree with

  1. The information and support services provided via this web site is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. The os2warp.be team disclaims all warranties, whether expressed or implied, including without limitation, the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability with respect to the information in these documents and/or references. os2warp.be support services are non-binding, and the os2warp.be team is NOT to be held responsible for any possible loss of data, NOR to eventual damage to your computer system.
  2. Support will be provided for registered products only, with an exception for Corporate Support;
  3. The user will provide a clear, detailed description of the problem or the question, which satisfies to the required information for a specific product, device driver or project;
  4. The user should be near the workstation where the product is installed at the time a support request is submitted;
  5. Support will be provided only for products used in accordance with the defined hardware and operating system requirements. Upon posting a support request, the user is obligated to enter the correct information;
  6. Account details (p.e. logins, passwords), contracts and customer codes are nontransferable between different companies or individuals;
  7. Posting threads that are not related to OS/2 (an exception stands for the private Corporate Support area) are not accepted;
  8. Threads asking where to find device drivers for a device that is listed in os2warp.be's Compatible Hardware List (CHL) are not allowed (with an exception being made for Business Contracts);
  9. Threads asking for access to private download sections like Wireless Device Drivers and internal downloads are ignored in the Support System and will be instantly deleted. Instead, if you want to have access, you should contact the responsible of the particular part of the web site;
  10. Any support request, bug report, or other thread in general containing commercials, indecency offences, or threads posted with the intention of damaging the privacy of our subscribers or damaging the reputation of os2warp.be, its members, contributors or associates will be instantly deleted. In case such threads are being detected, the subscriber shall be automatically excluded from the os2warp.be Support Services System and the appropriate threads may be handed over to the Belgian Government to serve as possible future juridical evidence;
  11. os2warp.be is in no circumstances responsible for the licensing of your software and device drivers. In case of Business Contracts, we will always point to the possible issues that might arise when using a particular device driver and/or software. Licensing is entirely the responsibility of the other party. Additionally, a valid license is required for commercial products, in particular of Win32Prn;
  12. os2warp.be holds the rights to modify the terms in this license agreement without prior notification. The user automatically agrees silently to the changes;
  13. The user confirms to have read and agreed with os2warp.be's Copyrights Policy.
  14. Any binary files (device drivers, software programs, utilities or whatsoever) may not be redistributed, nor hosted on other web sites nor spread via different data holding media, unless explicitlygranted by the copyright holding companies and/or people and os2warp.be;

2.2. Terms and conditions assured by os2warp.be

  1. All personal information will be dealt strictly confidential. It will not be transferred to third parties, and will not be used for any other purpose than silently agreed by signing in for Support Services. os2warp.be declares that it shall respect os2warp.be Privacy Charter (according to the Belgian Privacy Law), except in delicts as and indecency offences, slander and commercial misuse (e.g. SPAM);
  2. In line with the os2warp.be Privacy Charter, os2warp.be Corporate Support Services will be dealt with in a private area, which is not accessible by regular accounts without Business Contracts. Also threads originating from different Business Contract accounts will be kept separated. The APSoft support is only available under Business Contracts, no exceptions being made;
  3. All persons will be notified of possible downtimes due to maintenance, or other reasons;
  4. os2warp.be Technical Support Services only provides support for OS/2 and eComStation configuration problems for companies who have purchased a Business Contract. Configuration or general support is not provided with the free Support Services;
  5. Companies who try to fraud by subscribing to the Support System as an individual will be excluded from the system as soon as the fraud is discovered. For corporate needs, contact the os2warp.be Support Responsible instead of signing up for an account;
  6. Free support is provided on a best effort basis by os2warp.be Support Services team members competent of the technical details related to the appropriate projects, device drivers, migration strategies.

3. Corporate Support

With os2warp.be Corporate Technical Support your company gets access to a private area of http://www.os2warp.be/support/, where questions can be posted about hardware, general OS/2 and eComStation configuration issues and also migration to Windows platforms while preparing to run the existing OS/2 Warp software in Virtual Machine Solutions. Being the only providing this, we offer in-depth technical support for the APSoft(iii) PCMCIA device driver, while maintaining our independence from any company at all.
Corporate support is only available to companies or individuals under Business Contracts. Business contracts can be obtained for a period of three, six, twelve or twenty-two months. For each Business Contract, a specific os2warp.be team member will take charge of all communications between your company and our team, being your contact person.
Obtaining a Business Contract has the following advantages over regular free support:

  1. Support requests will be dealt with as soon as possible. Your contact person will post an answer to your support request within four working days. If it is not possible to answer within these four days, he/she will post a confirmation reply to confirm that the support request was received. A particular thread should not remain unresolved for more than seven working days.
  2. Corporate support will be dealt with prior to the regular free support services. In dealing with your support, any details about the related company, its employees, or whatsoever will be kept strictly confidential and will not be spread (see os2warp.be Privacy Charter).
  3. With the year 2006 in mind, migrations from OS/2 to non-OS/2 platforms like Microsoft Windows and Linux is an ever emerging necessity for companies who need to maintain compatibility with the latest technologies and programs. As a way to strongly reduce migration costs, os2warp.be provides you with support to deploy Citrix MetaframeXP Presentation servers in your network. This way, in a client-server network, all OS/2 clients can be maintained, while only the server needs to be replaced and/or a new Citrix server needs to be added to the network, thus eliminating costs and legacy applications will continue to run. Using Citrix MetaframeXP, OS/2 Warp clients can run the latest Microsoft Windows applications in a very cost-effective and efficient way.
  4. A second solution for migration is to run OS/2 Warp in emulators like Microsoft VirtualPC and Serenity VirtualStation. os2warp.be provides technical support for OS/2 platforms running in virtual machines to facilitate your migration process.
  5. A maximum of thirty support requests per month (iv) , plus emergency-case phone support (v) . Should the Support System be down in case of superior strength or maintenance reasons, support will always continue to be available via phone or regular e-mail with your contact person.
  6. By default, your company gets one login and password to access http://www.os2warp.be/support/. However, if agreed in the Business Contract, additional accounts for employees can be created, and the same conditions apply as in the single account situation. The monthly maximum of thirty support requests is maintained, and all support requests of different accounts associated with your company's Business Contract are summed.
  7. Business Contracts are agreed between os2warp.be and one particular company. They may not be transferred except with explicit written permission of the os2warp.be Support Services responsible.
  8. Business Contracts are required for General OS/2 and eComStation installation and configuration support, APSoft/TSSC PCMCIA device driver support, CITRIX Enablement Services, and Migration Services. Device driver bug reports and support requests are provided without Business Contract.
(iii) On its web site, APSoft has referred to os2warp.be Corporate Support Services for its customers' additional support requirements.
(iv) Notice, however, that each support thread can contain multiple problems and/or questions.
(v) Phone support is only available when your contact person agrees to provide you support via this feature. We will not phone you, but we will give you instructions how to reach us in emergency cases (p.e. severe server crash).

4. Required information

Upon posting a support request (referred to as bug report), certain fields are obliged to fill in and certain files are obliged to be attached. If no data has been entered for these required fields, then your support request will not be dealt with. Below is a listing of all required information that should be provided for each bug report, classified per project:

  1. The following fields are required for all projects: Reproducibility, Severity, Platform, OS, OS Version, Product Version (if applicable), Product Build, Summary, Description and PCI.EXE Summary Output (PCI.EXE /S). Except for the fields Summary and Description, all of these fields are optional for the following projects: APSoft - PCMCIA Driver, Contact os2warp.be Members and os2warp.be Website.
  2. Each bug report should contain the following attachments: config.sys. Additionally, the following files should be attached for each specific project:
    1. Daniela - IDE Driver Project: the files config.sys, report.trc, report.txt, report.dmp. Prior to attaching these files, you should check if the option "/DEBUG:31" is present in the DaniS506.ADD line in CONFIG.SYS. If not, append it to the appropriate line and reboot the system prior to attaching the files. You can create the three latter files by the following respective commands: "COPY IBMS506$ report.trc", "DiskInfo cv > report.txt" and "DumpIDE > report.dmp". (If you cannot boot from disk using DaniS506.ADD, try the above from a bootable floppy, CD or ZIP. If this fails as well, try again with the additional option /FORCEGBM /!BM. If all of the above fails, but a boot with IBM1S506.ADD works, then grab at least the output from "DumpIDE > report.dmp" and the output from "BldLevel DaniS506.ADD > report.bld");
    2. Networking - GenMac Driver Project: the files config.sys and protocol.ini;
    3. Networking - GOMI Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Drivers Project: the files config.sys and protocol.ini;
    4. Networking - NICPAK project: the files config.sys and protocol.ini;
    5. PCMCIA Drivers (incl. Daniela, excl. APSoft/TSSC) project: config.sys;
    6. TAME/2 and (X-)SANE project: the file config.sys;
    7. Universal Audio Driver (UniAud) project: the files config.sys and uniaud.log. The latter file can be created from an OS/2 Command Prompt by the command "copy alsahlp$ uniaud.log";
    8. The projects Win32Prn for OS/2 - General Usage and Win32Prn for OS/2 - Technical & Development: the files config.sys, odin.ini and win32prn.log;
    9. The projects Wireless Networking - General Support and Wireless Networking - Device Drivers: the files config.sys, protocol.ini, and lantran.log. In order to provide us with the correct lantran.log file, you should have this setting in your protocol.ini for the wireless device driver: "DEBUG_LEVEL = 0xFFDF";
  3. Private sections for Corporate Support might require additional fields and/or attachments, and will be agreed upon in the Business Contract.

5. Copyrights

All information at http://www.os2warp.be is entirely copyright 2001-2004, os2warp.be. Any violation of the copyright statements as described in our Copyrights Page will result in juridical penalties. os2warp.be, and all of its contributors, disclaim all warranties, whether expressed or implied, including without limitation, the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability with respect to the information in these documents and/or references. os2warp.be hardware and software support (above referred to as os2warp.be Technical Support Services and os2warp.be Corporate Support Services) is non-binding (for non-Corporate Support), and the os2warp.be team is NOT to be held responsible for any loss of data, NOR to eventual damage to your computer system.

In order to use os2warp.be Support Services, you need to agree with ALL of the terms and conditions imposed in the sections above. Should you visit the os2warp.be Support Services System by using a direct URL, and thus avoiding this web page, then os2warp.be assumes that the visitor agrees silently with these terms and conditions.

I have read the License Agreement and AGREE to its terms and the conditions as described above.
I have read the License Agreement and DISAGREE to its terms and the conditions as described above.

© 2003 - 2004, os2warp.be, os2warp.be Business IT Solutions.

Copyright Information

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