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OS/2 Warp and eComstation compatible PC Card (PCMCIA) chipsets.
© 2002-2004, Jonas Buys.


1. PCMCIA Socket Chipsets Matrix.

Most OS/2 users own a notebook nowadays, and though USB is a very powerful and flexible technology, it still can't compete with the popularity of the classic PCMCIA interface, which still is the standard for laptops.
PCMCIA is short for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, which is an industry group organized in 1989 to promote standards for a credit card-size memory or Input/Output device that would fit into a personal computer, usually a notebook or laptop computer. The PCMCIA 2.1 Standard was published in 1993. As a result, PC users can be assured of standard attachments for any peripheral device that follows the standard. The initial standard and its subsequent releases describe a standard product, the PC Card.
CardBus is the trade name for an advanced PC Card specification. The technology is used primarily in notebook and portable computers. The CardBus card fits in a slot like a conventional PC card.
CardBus allows for all the functions that are possible with PC cards, but with some improvements:

    •    Direct Memory Access (DMA) is supported.
    •    A 32-bit path is used for data transfer.
    •    The operating speed is several times greater.
    •    CardBus works at lower battery voltage.

A CardBus slot, and the associated software, interrogates a card when the card is first inserted in the slot. If a PC card has been inserted, the computer uses it as if the slot were a conventional PCMCIA slot. If a CardBus card has been inserted, the computer reconfigures the slot to take advantage of the enhanced operating features. For CardBus to work, the operating system must support 32-bit data paths, precisely what OS/2 does support.

Note that other PCMCIA Socket drivers do exist. We have only picked out the most important ones that support the widest range of different chipsets.

The table below lists a selection of the chipsets that are known to be working with OS/2, and which drivers support them.
Column heading descriptions:

  • Chipset:
    This column lists the chipsets used in PCMCIA/PC Card solutions.
  • Revision:
    Some manufacturers tend to release new versions of the same product. For example: a version A, a version B... Sometimes, a driver must explicitly support these versions, since they sometimes each need a special identification system.
  • Cardbus (CB*):
    The difference between PC Card and CardBus have been mentioned above. CardBus, of course, is better than just regular PC Card. This column indicates whether the chipset is a CardBus device () or just a regular classic PCMCIA socket ().
  • DeviceID:
    The identification number of the manufacturer of the chipset.
  • VendorID:
    The identification number of the device itself. You need the former and this one to figure out which chipset you have using pci.exe.
  • base OS (0):
    Whether or not IBM OS/2 Warp 4 GA (Merlin) natively supports these chipsets.
  • IBM PC Card Director / ibm2ss14.sys v3.0 (1):
    One of IBM's official driver that offers support for multiple chipsets (cardbus.exe). Part of SoftWare Choice.
  • Dani patch (Daniela's Texas Instruments Cardbus Driver) (2):
    Whilst the socket services driver for TI cardbus bridges IBM2SS14.SYS provided by IBM (the driver above) does it's job, it supports only some of the many TI chips. Daniela's Texas Instruments Cardbus Driver is supposed to support all TI cardbus bridges. The driver is based on the IBM2SS14 v3.0/1.01.00 driver.
  • APSoft (3):
    If you want more power, or if you can't get the free drivers to work then the German company APSoft has developed a commercial PCMCIA driver which is described here. This driver costs around € 60,-. It will be delivered without technical support. However, the company will receive bug reports and makes new releases as and when applicable, and corporate support for the driver is available via os2warp.be Corporate Support Services. The driver provides support for many Cardbus sockets and seems to be very promising. You can contact the company under sales@tssc.de. Make sure that you give the impression that you know what you are doing when you want to install the driver, otherwise they may refuse selling it to you (due to the technical support restriction). For os2warp.be Corporate Support Customers an installer for the APSoft device driver is provided which automatically detects the applicable chipset of the host computer and then installs PC Card Director and the SSPCIC.SYS driver with the correct required config.sys switches.
    On its web site, APSoft has referred to os2warp.be Corporate Support Services for its customers' additional support requirements. For more information about os2warp.be PCMCIA Support Services (including support for the APSoft device driver), contact the os2warp.be Support Services responsible.
  • ibm2cl11 (4):
    Older IBM driver that offers explicit support for Cirrus Logic 6729 chipsets.
  • ss2pcic2.exe (5):
    IBM driver that combines the chipset support offered by the former driver and ss2intel.zip.
  • ss2pcic3.exe (6):
    Driver that supports the SL-revision of Intel's 82365 chip.
  • playwill.exe (7):
    A derived device driver of IBM's PC Card Director to support a selected number of chipsets used in IBM and DELL notebooks. Driver should - of course - also work with other notebooks.
  • dell.exe (8):
    A derived device driver of IBM's PC Card Director to support some TI chipsets used in DELL CPxx notebooks.
  • cvlsi3.zip (9):
    A driver that supports the VLSI chipset used in PCMCIA socket slots. We would like to express our thanks to Norloff's OS/2 BBS for allowing us to test and host this driver.
  • ss2intel.zip (10):
    Private binary device driver that offers support for Intel 82365 chipset and compatibles (like some Texas Instruments solutions) too.
  • pctpgos2.exe (11):
    IBM device driver that offers support for some chipsets used in a selected number of (older) IBM ThinkPad notebooks.

Note: we are hosting some drivers since some of them are not available via the official copyright holder. We are not responsible for possible loss of data nor damage to your system that may result from (improper) use of these device drivers. Refer to the documentation included with the drivers for copyright information.

Should be supported, no confirmations though.
Can possible be supported, but no confirmations yet.

Chipset Rev. CB* VendorID DeviceID(0)(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)
Acer Labs 82C7860x1025
Acer Labs M52350x10250x5235
Cirrus Logic PD67100x1013
Cirrus Logic PD67200x10130x0e01
Cirrus Logic PD672200x1013
Cirrus Logic PD672210x1013
Cirrus Logic PD6729A0x10130x6729
Cirrus Logic PD6729B0x10130x6729
Cirrus Logic PD6729C0x10130x6729
Cirrus Logic PD6729E0x10130x6729
Cirrus Logic PD6730A0x1013
Cirrus Logic PD6730B0x1013
Cirrus Logic PD68320x10130x1110
DataBook DB 871440x10b30x3106 | 0xb106
DataBook DB86072 TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86081 TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86082 TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86082A TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86082B TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86084 TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86084A TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86183 TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86184 TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86272 TCIC0x10b3
DataBook DB86501 TCIC0x10b3
ENE Technology CB-12110x15240x1211
ENE Technology CB-12250x15240x1225
ENE Technology CB-14100x15240x1410
ENE Technology CB-14200x15240x1420
ENE Technology CB-7100x15240x1411 | 0x0710
ENE Technology CB-7200x15240x1421 | 0x0720
IBM King0x1014
IBM Stinger0x1014
IBM ThinkPad 7500x1014
IBM Tomcat0x1014
Intel 823650x80860x0e00
Intel 82365SLA0x8086
Intel 82365SLC0x8086
Intel 82365SLB0x8086
Intel PHIC0x8086
Intel PPEC0x8086
LSI Logic HT270x1000
Mitsubishi MB86301 TCIC
O2 Micro 69120x12170x6972
O2 Micro OZ OZ711EC1M10x12170x7112
O2 Micro OZ OZ711M10x12170x7114
O2 Micro OZ OZ711M20x12170x7212
O2 Micro OZ67220x1217
O2 Micro OZ6729 PCI0x12170x6729
O2 Micro OZ6730 PCI0x12170x673a
O2 Micro OZ68120x12170x6872
O2 Micro OZ68320x12170x6832
O2 Micro OZ68330x12170x6832
O2 Micro OZ68360x12170x6836
O2 Micro OZ68600x12170x6836
O2 Micro OZ6912 / 711E00x12170x6972
O2 Micro OZ69330x12170x6933
O2 Micro OZ711E00x1217
O2 Micro OZ711E10x1217
O2 Micro OZ711E20x12170x71e2
O2 Micro OZ711EC10x12170x7113
O2 Micro OZ711M30x12170x7223
Omega Micro 82C722GX0x119b
PicoPower 82C786 (PCMCIA+)0x1066
Ricoh R5C4750x11800x0475
Ricoh R5C475 II0x11800x0475
Ricoh R5C4760x11800x0476
Ricoh R5C476 II0x11800x0476
Ricoh R5C4780x11800x0478
Ricoh R5C478 II0x11800x0478
Ricoh R5C5220x1180
Ricoh RF5C2660x1180
Ricoh RF5C2690x1180
Ricoh RF5C3660x1180
Ricoh RF5C366L0x1180
Ricoh RF5C3690x1180
Ricoh RL5C4760x1180
TI 10300x104c0xac11
TI 10310x104c0xac13
TI 10500x104c0xac10
TI 11300x104c0xac12
TI 11310x104c0xac15
TI 12100x104c0xac1a
TI 12110x104c0xac1e
TI 12200x104c0xac17
TI 12210x104c0xac19
TI 12250x104c0xac1c
TI 12500x104c0xac16
TI 1250A0x104c0xac55
TI 1251A0x104c0xac1d
TI 1251B0x104c0xac1f
TI 12600x104c0xac18
TI 12600x104c0xac30
TI 14100x104c0xac50
TI 14200x104c0xac51
TI 14210x104c0xac53
TI 14500x104c0xac1b
TI 14510x104c0xac52
TI 15100x104c0xac56
TI 15150x104c0xac58
TI 15200x104c0xac55
TI 15300x104c0xac57
TI 16100x104c0xac5a
TI 16200x104c0xac54
TI 16210x104c0xac59
TI 44100x104c0xac41
TI 44500x104c0xac40
TI 44510x104c0xac42
TI 45100x104c0xac41
TI 45200x104c0xac46
TI 45500x104c0xac43
TI 64200x104c
TI 74100x104c
TI 75100x104c
TI 76200x104c0xac8d
Toshiba ToPIC0x1179
Toshiba ToPIC100 0x11790x0617
Toshiba ToPIC100 Donau0x11790x0617
Toshiba ToPIC100 Nova 1000x11790x0617
Toshiba ToPIC100 Nova 100SE0x11790x0617
Toshiba ToPIC100 Nova 2000x11790x0617
Toshiba ToPIC100 Suez0x11790x0617
Toshiba ToPIC100 Sydney 990x11790x0617
Toshiba ToPIC95a0x11790x0603
Toshiba ToPIC95b0x1179
Toshiba ToPIC95M 0x11790x060a
Toshiba ToPIC970x11790x060f
Vadem VG-3650x10e7
Vadem VG-4650x10e7
Vadem VG-4680x10e7
Vadem VG-4690x10e7
Vadem VG-4698D0x10e7
VLSI VL82C1460x10040x0e02

2. os2warp.be Support Services.

os2warp.be provides Corporate Support Services for PCMCIA and PCCard related topics to companies and individuals, including guaranteed support for the TSSC APSoft device driver. Below some basic information is provided for the PCMCIA Support Services.

2.1. IBM OS/2 Integrated PCMCIA Drivers.

    1. PCMCIA ATA device driver: PCM2ATA.ADD;
    2. PCMCIA Flash Memory Drivers: ICMEMMTD.SYS and ICMEMCDD.SYS;
    3. Flash format driver: ICMEMFMT.EXE;
    4. System Serial Driver: COM.SYS (Updated for PCMCIA);
    5. PCMCIA Auto Configuration Driver: AUTODRV2.SYS and AUTODRV2.INI;
    6. PCMCIA Card Services Driver: PCMCIA.SYS;
    7. PCMCIA Socket Services Driver: one of the device drivers listed in the PCMCIA Socket Chipsets Matrix.

2.2. PC Card Director

The PC Card Director is an IBM-supplied utility that lets you use a PC Card with "Plug and Play" capability. The PC Card Director is to be used with most of the device drivers from the PCMCIA Socket Chipsets Matrix. It is available via driver (1) of the PCMCIA Socket Chipsets Matrix.
For your convenience, we host IBM's user's manual. In this document you will find everything you need to know concerning the PC Card Director.

2.3. Private Area.

Internal licensed downloads for os2warp.be CHL test team members:

No information of this list may be copied, redistributed, nor edited without written permission of the author. This document/file, nor the information it contains may not be hosted on any other server than www.os2warp.be unless explicitly granted by both Jonas Buys and os2warp.be by written proof.

Copyright Information

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