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OS/2 Warp Compatible Hardware List Web site: OS/2 and FireWire (IEEE1394)

OS/2 and FireWire (IEEE1394).
Listing of tested and reported FireWire devices

Welcome to the OS/2 and FireWire web site. This part of os2warp.be is a joint venture between OS/2 User Group Dresden, netlabs.org and os2warp.be.

1. Browse FireWire Database

For your convenience, we've constructed a search system, so that you needn't browse through the large tables of tested and reported devices, but that you can just get information about the devices you want. Just enter your search key(s), add some extra filters if you wish, like the type of FireWire device/peripheral, and click the Go button. These FireWire databases have been completely synchronized with OS/2 CHL's extensive hardware list to suit your needs best.

Enter your search key(s): Search on: Device type:

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2. Project News.

Date Announcement
2005-02-06Since the "revolution" in the Ukraine is now over, Alexandr can also do some more work on the Firewire driver. The Firewire specific part of the sbp2 protocol is now implement, what is left is the OS/2 specific part. After this is done, a new Beta version will be released.
2004-08-06Today, netlabs.org, the OS/2 User Group Dresden and Alexandr Cherkaev are releasing the first alpha version of the IEEE 1394a - Firewire driver set for OS/2 and eComStation. This version does not yet enable you to use external Firewire hard drive cases, it will only show if your Firewire controller is supported by this driver! Install the driver and use the included resource manager to see if the driver did correctly recognize your Firewire controller!
2004-07-20The first alpha version of the driver will hopefully appear in the next two weeks. Work has started on a PM application that will display information about the firewire hardware found.
2004-07-09Roadmap Update
1) OHCI card driver: coding finished, driver should work, partly tested. Not implemented features and limitations: only one card supported, resource manager stuff not implemented yet
2) IEE1394 Stack: attach/detach and idc routines mostly implemented, host handling code implemented, packet handling code mostly done and tested, node manager not finished, sbp2 driver not started yet
3) Alpha release will contain a test program like netlabs usbresmgr. So users can test different host adapters, attach devices to firewire bus and see their names, vendor codes etc.
2004-07-06We split the driver and you can checkout the new version from CVS (-D 2004-06-26), or you use his script.
2004-06-29Finally, the driver is too big to fit into the 64KByte segment available to an OS/2 driver. There are ways to work arround this limitation, but we decided to split the driver into three parts. This move was planed for phase three of the driver development anyway.
Doing the split now means that we have to skip phase two of the development and move to phase three right now.
This will delay the availability of the first version of the driver.
2004-06-10Updated the netlabs.org Firewire project website. (added a screenshot of the messages of driver 0_0_1 and a link to this news page).
2004-06-08The first internal release of the driver is ready. It is tagged doctor64_rel_0_0_1 and can be retrieved from CVS. A cmd file can be found here.
You need an OS/2 debug kernel and a null modem cable. The driver has a few breackpoints that will be triggered during boot and on shutdown.
2004-06-05We have created a mailing list for the development team. All messages can be read at gmane.org.
2004-06-03We have added some information about the hardware that we use for development.
2004-05-25In the future, netlabs.org will cooperate with os2warp.be on all hardware related projects. I think this is a very good idea, and I am looking forward to using the good support infrastructure of os2warp.be
2004-05-19update ohci-code and isr-routine
2004-05-18update pci device- , init- and strategy-routine first code of ohci-class new debug output
2004-05-14Links for specification of the Bus Protocol and OHCI
Oh NO a Microsoft-Link ! for OHCI and Specification
www.t10.org for Sbp2 and more Protocols
and Via
VIA the Hostadapter Document
2004-05-11The are scripts to checkout. Look for status of files from CVS-Server on netlabs.org
CheckoutAll Script
Status Script
Update Script
2004-05-05Decision: We will use the Linux sources as a guide, not port them directly to OS/2
Current task: finish helper classes to access pci device
Next task: OHCI driver
2004-05-04Lots of information about Firewire is available from the Linux Firewire project webpages
2004-04-30netlabs.org CVS repository created first code checked in
2004-04-29The official announcement is out. You can read more here:
2004-04-28Skeleton of the webpages for the firewire project published on the User Group website.
2004-04-26Alexandr started to work on the driver.

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